Hockey Shop

Paradise Creek Bicycles is your local hockey shop.  Skate sharpening, skate baking, skates, sticks, protective gear and accessories Paradise Creek Bicycles has everything you need to get your season started.

Paradise Creek Bicycles can also order anything not in stock.  Bauer, CCM, True and more.  If you purchased skates used or online and need them properly fitted and baked stop by Paradise Creek Bicycles today.

Skate Profiling

Every skater has a different skating style.  Paradise Creek Bicycles offers profiling In order to optimize your power, turns, and agility. Profiling your skates will give you a much better performing skate and improving your game.

Get your skates profiled today at Paradise Creek Bicycles for only $15.00

Season Pass

$125.00 Skate Sharpenings All Season

Punch Card

$70.00 10 Sharpenings

Standard Sharpening

$8.00 Sparx Traditional

Flat Hollow Sharpening

$10.00 Sparx Flat Hollow

Hockey Services

Skate Bake: $10.00

Figure Skate Sharpening: $8.00

Hockey Traditional Sharpening: $8.00

Hockey Flat Hollow Sharpening: $10.00

Skate Profiling: $15.00

Steel Replacement: Depends on Steel

Skate Sharpening Season Pass: $125.00

Skate Sharpening Punch Card: $70.00 (10 Sharpening)

Skate Rivet Replacement: Call For Pricing

Skate Holder Replacement: Call For Pricing
(Add newer holders with quick release)

Skate Eyelet Replacement: Call For Pricing

If you don’t see a service or product that you need, we can probably still help you out.
Give us a call at (208) 882-0703 or come in today!