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Latah Trail

Moscow to Troy, 11 miles, easy to moderate climbs, scenic This is another smooth, paved path connecting the towns of Moscow and Troy, Idaho. Used by pedestrians, bikers, inline skaters, walkers, runners, wheel-chair users and cross country skiers, the trail parallels Hwy 8 to Howell Rd where it winds north through heavily forested areas to…

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Bill Chipman Palouse Trail

Pullman to Moscow, 7 miles, easy, often busy The centerpiece of Palouse riding has to be the much-loved Chipman Trail, connecting Moscow to Pullman with 7 miles of smooth pathway ideal for walking, running, biking and skating which is parallel to Hwy 270. Open from dawn till dusk year-round, the Chipman Trail connects with Moscow’s…

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Moscow Mountain

Various length rides, singletrack and doubletrack, moderately technical. For real mountain biking, Moscow Mountain is the crown jewel, as there are miles and miles of lovingly handcrafted singletrack covering the mountain, most of which are open to hikers, bikers and closed to motorized use. Thanks to the generosity of landowners (Bennett Lumber in particular). See MAMBA…

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Steptoe Butte Out and Back

Light to moderate traffic, for the athletic rider only, 30 miles from Pullman, one way. An athletic route to the top of the 3,612 ft. butte, which is a favorite viewpoint for visitors and photographers. Steep climb and descent, paved ride all the way to the top. From Pullman, head north to Palouse on State…

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Lenville Loop

Light traffic, scenic, one killer hill, approx 14 miles. Begin in Moscow on the Latah Trail at the corner of Mountain View and the Troy Highway. Head toward Troy on the trail for about a mile, then turn right on Lenville Road, follow Lenville up and over a big climb, then through flatter countryside. Turn…

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